About us

We founded the Perupe e -store because we want to offer you stylish, practical and durable jewelry that is covered with 18k gold and made of stainless steel . The motif of the river in the name Perupe was chosen for a reason - the river means freedom, strength and longevity to us. Exactly how we would describe Perupe jewelry. Stainless steel gives strength to the products - jewelry does not change its shape and durability, compared to other metals, it can be recycled many times. Also, the combination of the words through and river symbolizes the water resistance of the jewelry - the jewelry is not afraid of water and does not lose its color, so it pleases you for many years. In addition, all the jewelry in our e-shop has one of the names of the world's rivers.
We believe that jewelry should not only be a part of your appearance, but also a part of your lifestyle!
Choose what liberates.