Love multiplies when we share it

Quarantine separated us by physical distance. This further revealed the importance of emotional connection, strengthened the need for closeness. Although we can't hug the friends and loved ones we miss, we can find other ways to show them love and tell them how important they are to us.

1. Call . A simple action that does not require special conditions. Sometimes all you need is to hear a close friend's "Hello, how are you?", to laugh, to feel that you are not alone.

2. Letters . When we have time, maybe it's time to remember that old way and write a letter by hand or even draw a postcard? Maybe it will even become a tradition? A paper letter evokes a different feeling than an electronic one, because a hand-made text or drawing shows extra effort, personality and increases the feeling of closeness!

3. Send a gift . Do you know someone you would like to make happy? You can bake an apple pie or cinnamon buns and just leave a surprise at the door of a friend or loved one's house. In addition, in e-stores, you can order a gift directly to your friend's home or to a post machine located in a convenient place for them. In the Perupe e-store, you can leave a comment with a short message to a loved one and we will make sure that it travels together with your gift.

4. Volunteering . Volunteering is one of the most wonderful ways to share love and kindness. The "Strong Together" platform has already fulfilled thousands of requests for help, to which we also contributed. We invite you, if possible, to register here and become a volunteer. In addition to other public volunteering initiatives, you can simply look around, maybe there are people in that neighborhood who need help (food, clothes, to take or bring goods somewhere, to walk the dog).

Those we live with are just as worthy of love and attention, right? After reducing the number of social contacts, we realized that we will spend 24 hours in a small room with our significant others, roommates, and family. It is very natural that irritation, arguments, and fatigue may occur. We offer a few things that can help improve your relationship and bring you closer to your housemates.

1. Separate work and leisure time . The work-leisure balance is on the verge of disappearing as homes have replaced offices. And the people we live with have become home office colleagues. Have you already created personal and general rules to manage your time and respect your household's time? Discuss it together, decide what part of the day you will devote to work and when you will spend time together.

2. Discover common activities together . Once you have set dates to spend time together, try to make it a meaningful time. What do you and your roommates like to do? Board games, computer games, movies, cooking dinner, sports, spa treatments or anything else, the most important thing is fun and good together.

3. Orientation to positive traits . The longer we are together, the easier it is to notice the shortcomings of those around us, the repetitive behavior that we don't like or annoy. But it is also a time when we can notice the good qualities that have time to unfold and be appreciated. Instead of criticizing the other half for burning the pot, let's praise them for making an effort to cook us lunch.

4. Respect the feelings and well-being of others . The simple philosophy of "Let's live friendly" is especially relevant today. If we are asked to turn down the music, let's do so. If we know that mess in the kitchen is not tolerated at home - let's make sure that we have washed our cup. Let's listen and hear.

Everything will be alright because love multiplies when we share it!

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