How to start loving yourself?

To love yourself. We often hear everyone repeating these words, but how do you really love yourself? Where to start? We share the small steps that accompany us on our daily journey of self-love together with jewelry from the Perupe catalog - just click on the photo!

Write down 3 things every day that make you awesome today. Did you change a book, call your dad to talk, match your clothes nicely, pay a compliment to your friend, support a small business, eat a healthy dinner, stay awake for an alarm clock, look up an interesting topic on the Internet, work hard at work? Don't belittle or underestimate any positive action, thought or effort you have. Things that may come naturally to you are a huge challenge and aspiration to someone else.

Write down 3 things every day that you are/can be grateful for today. Maybe someone helped you or said a good word, maybe you had enough money for shopping, your family is healthy, or maybe the weather is good or a new idea came to you? Focusing on what is good in your life right now and feeling grateful increases life satisfaction, a sense of being in the here and now, and a sense of self-worth that increases when you take control of your thoughts, attitudes, and feelings.

Regulation of internal dialogue. Is what you say to yourself what you would say to the person you love, your best friend? Would you call it fat? Stupid? Loser? Would you encourage me in any way? Would you like to inspire? You are your best friend and the most important person, so your internal dialogue must be appropriate. Notice your self-directed thoughts, and when you notice insults or mood-sucking ones, reformulate them. For example:
I did not succeed - today I am not completely satisfied with myself, but I know that I can improve and change what depends on me.
I am ugly - I accept all my imperfections.
I'm never good at anything - I'm not always successful, but I try and that's the most important thing.
Sentences. Sentences may involve paraphrasing thoughts or may simply come up with them depending on the situation. These are the words that inspire you, encourage you, give you confidence. Repeat them to yourself in the morning or write them down to set yourself up for the day.

Allow yourself to dream and make plans. It doesn't matter if you already love yourself enough to believe in your own strength, allow yourself to completely openly answer the questions of what you WANT and what you can DO today to live the life you desire? It may not be easy, but we go a long way with small steps.

Do more of what makes you happy! Have you ever stopped doing something and realized that you actually feel happy doing it? Maybe it's reading a book, taking pictures, singing, yoga, skiing or diving, you name it! Find time to do what makes you happy.

Movement is the key . Connecting with your body is one of the most important elements of self-love. When we connect with our body, we connect with our inner self because we take care of ourselves when we move, which gives us energy. As our body feels better, our mood improves, stress and anxiety decrease.

Doing nothing. YES, you read that right. Doing nothing can be a form of self-love. Why? Because we tend to be productive and busy all the time without paying attention to our thoughts and feelings. Sometimes you need to stop and allow yourself to simply do nothing and most importantly (!) without any guilt.

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